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The Ultimate ProdigyCraft Guide

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Novalto, Dec 19, 2017.

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    Hello Prodigies,

    If you are new to The Prodigy Network - welcome. We hope you have a great gaming experience here at ProdigyCraft!

    Welcome to the Ultimate ProdigyCraft Guide! In this guide, I will explain what you can do on the server, where everything is located and how to get around. I will also post a brief command list, for the full command list type /help ingame.

    For more information about the McMMO plugin, check out this topic.

    For more information about the Jobs system, check out this topic.


    We are currently using a great GUI based voting system with vote points and a vote shop! to access the voting GUI use /votegui. Every vote will grant you: 1 vote point and 100$ ingame currency for every server except Hub and Plots because you have no use for currency there. This voting system is linked to a database so it will remember when you voted even if you are not online.

    Voting Shop:

    In the voting shop you can currently only buy 1 diamond for 3 voting points, however. if you guys have any suggestions on what we can add in here, and for how much vote points it can be obtained please let us know by posting a new thread in the Suggestions Category.

    Voting Links:

    Another Reward!?

    At the end of every month, the Top Voter will be rewarded an additional 2500$ (This will start from January 2018, so the first reward will be given on the last day of January 2018)

    Hub Server:

    This is the main spawning server, you will spawn here every time you join ProdigyCraft. This server does not only contain a spawn area, it also hosts some MiniGames.

    Available worlds:
    • Hub
    • Minigames
    • Parkour
    • Kit Battles
    Available Main Commands:
    • /help - Displays a list of commands
    • /rules - READ THEM.
    • /cmi - Displays a list of CMI commands
    • /cmi warp - Opens a GUI with available warps
    • /server <Server Name> - Teleports you to a different gamemode server
    • /sethome - Sets a home
    • /home - Teleports you to the set home
    • /msg - Message any other player in the game privately.
    • /tpa - Request to teleport to someone
    • /tpaccept - Accepts the teleport request
    • /tpdeny - Denies the teleport request
    • /spawn - Teleports you to the server spawn of that particular server.


    This is the area where you will spawn. You can use the Bunnies, Portals, Server Selector or /server command to switch to another server or go to another area.


    We currently have 6 different parkour levels, each being fairly difficult.
    Once you manage to finish all 6 levels you will obtain the [Parkour Pro] Prefix.
    NOTE: /sethome is disabled here to prevent people from cheating.

    Kit Battles:

    This minigame is basically PVP with a twist, Killing players will grant you Experience and Coins to be able to buy more kits. There are currently 33 different Kits available, each with a unique ability and price. You can use the Anvil to buy kits with coins and you can use the Chest to Select a kit. To join the furious battles, use /kb join pvp and to leave use /kb leave other than that, TEAMING IS NOT ALLOWED. I will be working on a team-based map of Kit Battles soon.


    Survival Server:

    The Survival Server is basically Vanilla Minecraft Survival with a twist. I have implemented an Economy system, Shops system, Jobs and McMMO here so there is a lot to do, and you can really make an awesome base with lots of neat little details because of the building blocks available in the shop. Additionally, you can also use Coal Ore (5 block radius), Lapis Ore (10 block radius) or Diamond Ore (20 block radius) to protect a certain area. (can be obtained by mining them with a silk touch pickaxe, or via the shop). There is a Nether portal at the /spawn. The spawn area is a protected area, where people will not be able to harm you, mobs will not spawn, creeper explosions/mob damage will not damage you or the blocks and you also can't place or break blocks there.

    Available Main Commands:

    This server will mainly use the same commands as the Hub server, but here you can also use;

    • /randomtp - Teleports you to a random location
    • /shop - Opens a GUI with shops
    • /jobs - Displays a list of commands for Jobs
    • /mcmmo help - Displays a list of commands for McMMO
    • /balance - Shows your current economy balance

    Plots Server:

    The Plots Server is a creative server where you can claim a 49x49 plot. If you are Donator, you can claim up to 4 plots here. This server is pretty straightforward so I won't go into too much detail here.

    Available Main Commands:

    This server will mainly use the same commands as the Hub server, but here you can also use;

    • /p auto - This will automatically claim the nearest free plot
    • /p tp - This will teleport you to your plot
    • /p - Displays a full list of plots commands


    Skyblock Server:

    Skyblock is a fun gamemode where you start out with a small island with a few items, a cow, and some basic farming items. The goal of this gamemode to expand your island and get challenges done. This server also uses an Economy, McMMO, Jobs, and Shops. The prices and quantities of items in the Skyblock shop are quite different because of the rarity of items in Skyblock. in this server we also added Skywars, a kit based PVP minigame in the skies!

    Available Main Commands:

    This server will mainly use the same commands as the Hub server and Survival server in terms of McMMO, Jobs, Economy and Shops, but here you can also use;
    • /island - Creates your own island or opens a GUI with your island options.
    • /island help - Displays a list of commands for Skyblock
    • /sw - Displays a list of commands for Skywars


    Factions Server:

    Factions is a gamemode where players are able to form their own faction.
    You claim land as your own and build your base. Factions is a self-serve anti-griefing system. Leaders control who can edit their faction land. The main goal being of the gamemode is to be the best faction by having the most power and land.

    Factions is also about diplomacy and war. You declare wars and forge alliances. You fight over land and manage your monetary expenses.

    If you are looking for a gamemode you can enjoy with your friends, Factions is meant for you.
    Together with McMMO you can have a group of people working together with different people having different tasks. One of your group could be grinding their combat skills like swords or axes, someone else could be supplying the Faction with food by training their Fishing skills. Others might get the resources and building blocks for the faction by Mining.
    Factions is mostly about teamwork, even though you could go solo you will probably end up being outnumbered by a group of players at some point. It's all about teamwork and trying to defeat your enemies.

    So how do we get started with Factions?
    First of all you need to go to the Faction server by typing the command /server factions in the server Hub.
    After that, you will be in the spawn of the Faction world. Here you will be able to do the command /f create <name> to create your very own faction.
    Alternatively, you can join someone else's faction of theirs is open or you get invited by using /f join <name>.

    After you successfully created your own faction it is time to set a description for your faction by typing /f desc <description>.
    Now it is time to claim land for your faction, you can do this by using the command /f claim.
    Keep in mind, if your power goes below the amount of land you have claimed, another faction will be able to overclaim your land and you will lose it. It will also work the other way, you can claim another faction's land if they have less power then land claimed. To unclaim land you can use /f unclaim.

    When you claimed your land you can set up a teleport for your faction members to teleport to, the faction home. You can set your faction's home by using the command /f sethome.
    To go to the set home you have to type /f home to teleport there.
    Obviously, there is a lot more command you will be using while playing on the Faction server.
    However, the guide would become too complicated when I would explain them all to you.
    Instead of explaining all the commands in detail, I will go over a few of them you will probably use the most.

    General Faction Commands:

    /f - This command will give you a list of the commands that come with Factions, as well as a brief description of the command and how to use them.

    /f list - This command will give you a list of all the Factions on the server, as well as some information about how much power every faction has - how much land they have claimed - and how much max. power they have. It will also tell you the number of players that the faction has and how many of them are online.

    /f show <name of faction or player> - This command will give you all information you need to know of a faction or if you put in someone's username it will give you the information about the faction they are in, this command will list everything from who exactly is in the faction, what their description is, if the faction is open or if you need to be invited. It will also tell you how much power / land / max. power they have and who their enemies and allies are.

    /f power - This command will tell you how much power you got of your max. power. Every time you die you will lose power. So you can use this command to check how much power you got.

    /f home - This command teleports you to the faction's home if it has been set. This can be done by using the command /f sethome.

    /f map - By using this command you will get a map in your chat where you can see if there is any land claimed in the area and by what faction. By looking at the map you can also look for bases of other factions if you are walking around. To automatically update the map type /f map on.

    /f ally <faction> & /f enemy <faction> - These command will enable you to form an alliance or declare war with another faction. The default relation wish towards another faction is neutral. This wish can be changed using the relation commands. The ally relation needs to be mutual to take effect. The enemy relation is, however, one-sided. If another faction wants to be your enemy, you will be enemies whether you want it or not. Allies can build in your territory, open containers etc. For this reason, you should be careful who to form an alliance with unless you really really trust the other faction.

    To make things even more complicated, there are also safezones and warzones as well as a wilderness.
    So what is the difference between all of them?

    Safezone - To keep it simple, the safezone is usually the spawn. In this area you will not be able to hurt other players and monsters won't be able to hurt you either.

    Warzone - The warzone is the area usually just outside of the spawn. In this area, you will not be able to build. However, you will be able to hurt other players and you will get attacked by monsters. The warzone is meant for fighting but keeps the area untouched to keep people away from building right next to the spawn area.

    Wilderness - The wilderness is the rest of the world that is not claimed by any faction. The wilderness is the land you will be able to claim by using /f claim. The wilderness is unprotected and you can do all your usual things in this area.

    This will probably sum up most of the things you need to know about the Faction server.
    If anything isn't clear to you or you got any questions, please let us know.

    Have fun and happy gaming!
    The ProdigyCraft team.
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