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Summary of all the ranks

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Novalto, Dec 28, 2017.

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    Hello Prodigies, a lot of people have asked me to make a list of what each rank is, and what permissions they have.. so here’s the summary:



    The Owner seems like pretty straight forward, but i will explain a little more due to the fact there are 2 owners, @William and me. William is the global owner and has the last word on everything, but he is mainly focussed on Prodigy-X, our RSPS. Me on the other hand, i am the head of the Minecraft server; ProdigyCraft. I call most shots concerning ProdigyCraft and will decide over the staff team and such things. Ofcourse a lot of stuff that i do will be discussed with William first since he’s the main owner.


    The Developer Rank is also pretty straight forward, people with this rank are helping with the development of ProfigyCraft. This user is not meant to punish players or do stuff ingame other than developing and testing. But they do have the permission to punish players if needed.


    Community Manager is basically the right hand of the owner. This rank has the same permissions as the Owner ingame but not on the forums. The main thing Community Managers should be doing is exactly that the rank suggests, managing the community, being the link between the developers and the community. This rank does have access to the server files so they can change configs and add things but they are always required to ask permission to the Owner.


    Admins are the staff who are mainly supposed to look out for rulebreakers and such ingame. Admins have all the punishment permissions and will use them if needed. It is required of an admin to be actively looking for people who are abusing bugs or exploits.


    Moderators are the players who are actively helping people out with minor things that goes from explaining to players how to do certain things and handing out minor punishments like temp ban, mute and kick.


    Supports have minimal punishment permissions and are mainly focussing on helping people on their way. Being a support requires being prepared to help anyone at any time. This staff position is the position every staff member has to go through before advancing to the next rank.


    Builders have all the permissions they need to build, from Worldedit to coreprotect and worldguard. Builders do not have permissions to punish players but their main job - as their title suggests - is building stuff.


    Diamond Donator

    The perks of a diamond donator are:
    • 20% experience boost for McMMO
    • 10.000$ ingame currency upon purchase
    • A blue [Diamond Donator] Prefix
    • Access to /back after death
    • Access to Enchanted Diamond Armour + Tools once every 24 hours by using /kits legend. (only works in factions and survival)
    • Access to all other donator permissions

    Gold Donator

    The perks of a gold donator are:

    • 10% experience boost for McMMO
    • Access to /nick to change your nickname
    • Access to Enchanted Iron Armour + Tools using /kits knight (only works in factions and survival)
    • 7500$ ingame currency upon purchase
    • A golden [Gold Donator] prefix
    • Access to /near to see the players near you
    • Access to all the Iron Donators permissions
    Iron Donator

    The Perks of a Iron Donator are:

    • Access to the ProdigyGadget menu, a 3D GUI particles/pets/morph/gadgets menu using /pg menu Currently only works in the Hub server because i don’t want people to be able to Morph in a survival game.
    • A dark grey [Iron Donator] prefix
    • 5.000$ ingame currency upon purchase
    • Ability to claim up to 4 plots in the plots server
    • The ability to use /workbench to use a crafting table without needing to click on one.
    • Up to 5 homes.
    For more information about the donator ranks visit the store via this Link

    Untill next time,

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