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Staff Application

Discussion in 'Supporter Applications' started by p53, Jan 19, 2018.

  1. p53

    p53 Newbie Prodigy

    Jan 19, 2018
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    Name: William

    In-game name: p53

    Age: 16

    Timezone: GMT +1:00

    Minecraft Experience: i've played minecraft for about 5 years, and i usually play factions, survival games, ultra hardcore, and PvP. i've beed a mod on a couple of my friends servers and i did pretty well.

    Why should we pick you?:
    I can help with factions and plots and the other gamemodes. i have alot of experience with minecraft and all pvp based gamemodes because thats what i usually plays. i can play about 4 hours a day sometimes more sometime less. so i will be pretty active :)

    Past staff experience: i've been a moderator and admin in a couple friends servers. and i usually help out even doe i'm not staff
  2. Magilicious

    Magilicious Minecraft Staff
    Community Manager

    Mar 28, 2016
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    Thank you for your application, we will look into it!