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Server Update [Auction & Lottery, 29-01-18]

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Magilicious, Jan 28, 2018.

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    Hello, Prodigies!

    So I present to you two new plugins we implemented to a couple of our servers.
    Auctions and Lottery.
    With these plugins, we hope to improve the server and add a fun element to the game!
    We are really interested to see what you guys think of this.


    In order to make the server a bit more interesting, we have implemented these new plugins.
    The Auction plugin is a plugin where you will be able to sell items to the whole server.
    In order to view the commands for this plugin, you can type /auction or /auc.

    To start an auction - type /auction start <quantity> <price> <increment> <time>
    The quantity of the auction is how much of the block/item you are holding you will be putting up for auction. The price obviously is the price which the bidding will start at.
    The increment is the increase in between each bid. And the time is for how long the auction will be up for.

    You can type /auction info to see more information about the item being auctioned.
    For example, when someone puts up an enchanted sword for auction you will be able to see it's enchantments with /auction info or /auc info for short.

    The Action plugin is added to Factions and Survival.

    The other plugin we added is the Lottery plugin, this will basically function like a normal lottery would.
    You will be able to buy your lottery tickets to participate in the Lottery.
    Each ticket costs $100 in-game money and there is a maximum of 200 tickets per player.
    The Lottery will draw a winner every 15 minutes and you can be offline to win if you bought a ticket.

    In order to see more commands for the Lottery, you can type /lottery help
    You can use /lottery buy <amount> to buy tickets. Or use /lottery gui for a menu.

    This plugin is added to Factions, Survival and Skyblock.

    For more information or questions about these plugins make sure to let me know!
    Also, the staff team is ready for your questions so you can ask anyone.

    Enjoy your day and happy gaming!
    - ProdigyCraft Team.
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