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ProdigyCraft Progress and plans

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Novalto, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. Novalto

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    Oct 12, 2015
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    Hello Prodigies,

    We’ve done a lot of stuff so far so let me make a list for you what we’ve done so far and what we’re panning to do in the near future. I’m doing this to give you guys a peak into the work that we’ve done so far and what we still need to do. Now keep in mind this list is just a the “main things” and does not include all the bugfixes that we did in the process.

    (Semi) Finished projects:

    - Set up the server with a No-Ip adress
    - Installed SpigotMC with the latest version
    - Installed PermissionsX with the following ranks:
    - Prodigy
    - Active Prodigy
    - Parkour Pro
    - Donator
    - Support
    - Moderator
    - Builder
    - Community Manager
    - Developer
    - Co-Owner
    - Owner
    - Set up Multiverse Core plugin with a lot of different worlds
    - Set up a Warp Portals plugin which makes all the portals work
    - Set up Vault which is the core of the Economy
    - Set up Citizens2 which allows us to create Command NPC’s
    - Set up CMI which is basically a premium version of EssentialsX
    - Set up a PowerPermissions plugin which is a premium version of PermissionsX mainly to support on BungeeCord
    - Set up Kit Battles which is a premium version of KitPvP
    - Set up Skyblock
    - Set up a Parkour map
    - Set up SkyWars
    - Set up Votifier with connection to the minecraft-server-list.com
    - Set up GAListener which allows the server to give people voting points
    - Set up a Server Hub with multiple /warp abilities, Portals, Warp NPC’s
    - Set up PerWorldInventory which will seperate inventories per world (soon no-longer needed when we get the BungeeCord setup complete)
    - Set up a Plots world with fully working 50x50 Plots
    - Install the Factions Plugin
    - Set up a AntiCheatPlus system which will prevent people from Cheating

    Things we need to do untill Full Release:

    - Set up the BungeeCord server which will seperate Survival, Skyblock and Factions from the main Hub Server to allow the server to run a lot more smoothly and will make the restart for updates a lot smoother and a lot quicker
    - Make the chat across bungeeservers global, right now the chats are seperated if you go to one of the other bungeeservers
    - Make a Voting Store
    - Make a Donating Store
    - Add more toplists to vote on
    - Fix currency/economy
    - Install and configure all the needed plugins for every bungeeserver seperately
    - Add the Donator benefits and permissions

    Thanks for reading! It’s very likely that i forgot to add something in there, basically i’ve been working on the server for over like 175 hours so far. More updates coming soon so stay tuned for that!

    We will release a full release date soon!

    Until next time,

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  2. Jacob

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    Oct 4, 2017
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  3. William

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    Sep 16, 2014
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    Great progress, public release is in our sights :)
  4. MineTurtle

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    Mar 3, 2015
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    Amazing progress man, imma dominate survival ^^ xD
  5. Shadow

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    Sep 2, 2015
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    Maybe check them off, like make the finished ones Green, the ones still in progress Orange/Yellow and the ones not started on yet Red.

    So it's easier to follow the progress :)
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