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New Factions World!

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Novalto, Jan 22, 2018.

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    Oct 12, 2015
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    Hello Prodigies,

    I am very proud to announce that the new Factions world is now released! when you go to factions you will spawn at the new world automatically. i've created a portal to the old factions world i will give you guys
    ONE WEEK FROM TODAY To transfer your items and such to the new world. after this week i will delete the old factions world from the server to save space.

    Features of the new Factions world:
    • A custom from scratch built new spawn with a nice story to it.
    • Epic World Generated world with huge terrain, awesome biomes and custom structures with awesome loot
    • Better gameplay experience overall
    • No broken chunks
    • World border of 7500 blocks. (From spawn)
    • TreeFeller for the huge trees
    • a End Portal and Nether Portal at spawn (currently disabled the end portal because the end still need tweaking)
    all in all, we have worked very hard to make this guys, and we hope that you all will appreciate it as much as we do. Keep in mind there are still some changes to come, after this first week we will delete multiverse which will allow the nether portals that you guys can build yourself, will actually work.

    If you guys have any suggestions about what we can still change in this world, please let us know! We're also planning to make a brand new world for Survival aswell.

    Other News

    We're still figuring out some stuff about the new host, so keep in mind we're still working on that, we still need to fix voting and it's rewards, but please keep voting as much as you can!


    Thanks for reading and until next time,

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