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Network wide suggestions

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Savag3life, Dec 28, 2017.



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  1. Savag3life

    Savag3life Newbie Prodigy

    Dec 28, 2017
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    I have been looking around the servers, and found, in my opinion, these changes will help bring players and keep players. All of the suggestions are my opinion. All the links are plugins I have tested and found to be the best in their class. And anything that said "Example", I created or found that is similar to what I would expect from the changes. I AM NOT TRYING TO SELL MY PRODUCTS.

    Factions [+ Add - Remove = Change]
    = Change the factions core plugin to FactionsUUID for a smoother and more optimized plugin. (Free change)
    + Add Crates, Envoys, KOTH's
    = Fix Instant spawn command (/spawn)
    + Fix the end world for factions Default configuration on most servers - 4k border with endstone up to 40-60 with flat bedrock. Example
    + Fix netherworld for factions same as the end. Example
    + Fix the spawn, and the terrain around spawn. This area is the main area for PvP, and need to look nice.
    + Add a small starting balance.
    + Add some kind of goal or challenge system.
    + Fix spawn Factions Claiming. (Safezone it to large)

    Skyblock / Skywars [+ Add - Remove = Change]

    Not going to lie, remove this server. It is a waste of a good development server. This server could be used to pre-test development builds of servers before public use. there is just no use for a server that requires 10 people minimum when the servers total pop is below 10 most of the time. Not that the server is bad or not worth creating, but it isn't something, in my opinion, that should be focused on right now.

    Survival [+ Add - Remove = Change]

    Looks and performances as expected. It's survival.

    Plots [+ Add - Remove = Change]

    Should be called creative, because plots is more of a prison thing.

    Really just needs a Spawn, could also look into getting FastAsyncWorldEdit for prermission based worldediting, like voteworldedit.

  2. Magilicious

    Magilicious ProdigyCraft Owner

    Mar 28, 2016
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    Hello there,
    Thank you for your suggestions concerning our servers!
    We will be looking into your suggestions.

    I don't agree with all your suggestions but there are a few good ones. Also, there are a few that we are already planning on doing.
  3. Edmundron

    Edmundron Newbie Prodigy

    Mar 31, 2020
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