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Kit Battle Is Here!

Discussion in 'Updates' started by Novalto, Nov 8, 2017.

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    Oct 12, 2015
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    Hello Prodigies,

    I'm very excited to tell you guys Kit Battle is Here! I've added a Premium Plugin called KitBattle Premium. I've also added a brand new PvP map for you guys to enjoy the Prodigy vs Prodigy.

    How does it work?
    It's a very easy system to use, there are a few basic commands that you don't need permissions for.

    /kb join <arena> will make you join the pvp arena of choice, there is only one arena ''pvp'' available right now but i'm obviously gonna add more in the future. So to join the arena you must enter the command /kb join pvp.
    Now, to leave you just have to enter the command /kb leave. When you want to go to the arena to just spectate, use the command /kb spectate.

    I have created a lobby where you can choose your kit without being harmed. This will prevent people from spawn-killing you.

    So there's 33 kits available. This game is a game mode on its own, the concept is simple: kill people to get exp and coins, use the coins to unlock more kits. When you Join the PvP arena, you will get a chest and anvil in your inventory whom both will open up a GUI Inventory, the chest will open up your available kits, and the anvil will open the shop to buy more kits with coins.

    Default kits:

    PVP: Diamond sword, Iron armor, with no potion effects.

    Archer: Leather armor, Diamond sword, Bow, 64 Arrows with no potion effects.

    Ninja: Leather helmet, Chain mail chest + leggings, Diamond boots, Diamond sword, with speed 2 potion effect.

    Tank: Diamond armor, Iron sword, with slowness 2 potion effect.

    Pyro: Leather helmet, iron chest plate, leather leggings, iron boots, iron sword (fire aspect 1), bow ( fire aspect 1), 64 arrows with no potion effect.

    Assassin: Leather helmet, iron chest plate, leather leggings, iron boots, diamond sword, gold sword (enchanted)

    There's a lot of kits that you can buy with coins. the more you kill people the more kits you can buy, a lot of those buyable kits have their own ability like throwing a snowball at a player will swap your locations etc. check for yourself, it's awesome

    Also there are 7 ranks you can achieve by lvling up, you can lvl up by getting exp by killing players. Your rank will show as a prefix when you talk while you are in the arena.

    Ranks are:

    Newbie - Required exp: 0

    Starter - Required exp: 25

    Survivor - Required exp: 75

    Pro - Required exp: 150

    Legend - Required exp: 300

    Immortal - Required exp: 600

    God - Required exp: 1200






    I Hope you will all enjoy this new game mode, if there are any bugs don't hesitate to let me know

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    Looking nice man, great update!